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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Just got back from Boracay. Seems like we were just in time since it looks like the rainy season just kicked in last night, as anyone who was in Metro Manila at that time can attest.

Jade had a lot of fun building sand castles and managed to make a friend in the process. A kindly woman and her granddaughter (named Samantha) approached us on the beach asking if they could play with us. We said yes, of course. They were balikbayans from Los Angeles, and I hope they have a safe trip going back to the US.

A little plug... if you plan on going to Boracay and can afford it, stay in Discovery Shores. A bit expensive, but worth it!

Rode the MRT this morning, and, in relation to one of my previous posts, it seems that some women are proving me wrong. There was this pregnant woman who got on the train right before me, and another woman offered her seat. God bless her. I wouldn't mind seeing this kind of thing more often.

At alam niyo bang naghihirap na daw si Kuya Germs?!?!


Wengk wengk wengk...

I'm outta here. :P

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