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Friday, May 04, 2007

Okay, there's something I want to get off my chest.

I can't help but feel disappointed with GMA 7 over Captain Barbell. Yeah, the TV series is finished, it made tons of money... good for them. What galls me is they did not even for one instant acknowledge me as the designer of the new Captain Barbell costume.

Part of a verbal agreement that we had with the Ravelos was that we would get credit for designing the costumes for their stable of characters. In fairness to the Ravelos, they have, time and again, requested GMA 7 to include my name as the costume designer of Captain Barbell in the fast-rolling credits at the end of the show. But it didn't happen. Even when QTV (GMA's UHF channel) interviewed me for a segment in one of their shows which dealt about komiks, the interviewer asked me all about how I designed the costume. But when the show aired, all the things we talked about which pertained to that topic ended up on the cutting room floor (or, in this age of digital editing, the trash bin).

I really don't know why. Was it because they've already issued statements to the press that Hollywood costume designer/sculptor/FX master Miles Teves designed the costume? Did they not want to shatter the illusion that, hey, they can afford to have someone from Hollywood do this for them, making it a "big-time" thing? Not to take anything away from Mr. Teves, but he just recycled an old Robin costume and painted it yellow and gold. Take a look...

(You can view more angles here.)

Hey, those belt buckles look nothing alike (Sarcastically speaking)!

I'm not angry at GMA 7. Hey, I'm a Ka-puso. I watch mostly GMA 7 shows. I still like GMA better than ABS-CBN (programming-wise). I'm just a bit teed off. But maybe now that I got to write about it, maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.


Ed said...

How SAD. Proud pa sila ipagmalaki na "from Hollywood" gawa ang costume, but the truth is galing sa recycled Robin costume ang costume ni Capt. Barbell. Hehehe.

I'm still proud of you, Reno. Your design is unique. Walang katulad, man!

As for your interview sa QTV...man, kaya ayaw ko na magentertain ng mga media sa email asking to interview me. Hehehehe!

Post ko rin sa site ko 'to ha? :D Bulgaran na!

Reno said...

Natanggap ko na rin naman kahit papaano.

I guess we have to accept the fact din na pagmay mga interview na ganyan, hindi lahat ng gusto nating maipakita nila ay mapapalabas. Di ba si Gerry medyo naging apprehensive din? Pero ganon talaga.

Ako, malamang, di na ma-interview uli. :P

monsanto said...

Reno, ganito lang ang iniisip nila malamang.

"what? Credits kamo? pag pinagbigyan natin yan, ano hihingin niya susunod? karagdagang bayad?"

DENIABILITY ika nga hehe.

Ayaw nila palakihin pangalan mo baka lumaki ka at magmahal talent fee mo siguro.

Haka haka lang ito ah.

Reno said...

Well, di natin alam talaga kung bakit, Gilbert.

Pero kung may ganoon mang situation, di sa mga Ravelo manggagaling iyon. They've been pretty straight with us in our dealings.

monsanto said...

Reno: malamang sa mga kapuso nga galing hehe. Walang prob talaga yan sa mga Ravelos.

Senor Enrique said...

Wow! Di ko alam ikaw pala nag-design ng costume na yon!

If you want, I'll feature you on my blog. I'd love to showcase our Filipino artists!

Email me!!!