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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last Saturday, we were involved in an auto accident.

It was around 9:00 in the evening. We were riding in my sister-in-law's Revo, along Shaw boulevard, and as we were turning left on one of the side streets, a Jeepney with no headlights came careening and smashing at us at full speed. The jeepney driver had a lot of time to put on the brakes, since he was still a bit far off, but I didn't even think he slowed down. It hit the right side of the Revo, near the wheels. I immediately embraced Jade (who was sitting on my lap) and tried to cushion her from the impact. I hit my upper lip on the back of her head, resulting in a busted lip for me, but thankfully just a "bukol" for Jade. Thank God no one else was hurt.

My lip wouldn't stop bleeding, so Kuki hailed a cab and we went home to get our car, we dropped off Jade and her yaya at my in-law's house and she drove me to the hospital. I got four stitches, and unbeknownst to me I also had a bit of a nasty bump on my head. So I had to get my skull x-rayed, and it turned out alright. I remember thinking while I was being stitched up that four stitches wasn't that bad, but then I'm a guy who watched his own circumcision as a kid, so maybe that makes me a bit of a masochist. Kuki pointed out that the fact that I required stitches at all meant that it was already bad.

After a few hours at the hospital, we went home to pick up Jade. We then learned that the jeepney driver was drunk, but still he had the gall to drive, even putting his passengers at risk. He didn't turn on his headlights, and (according to him) his brakes were defective. And still he tried to turn the tables on us at the police station, telling the cops that I punched him after the mishap. What an @$$hole! He was jailed that night, but I don't know as of this writing if he's still incarcerated or not.

The jeepney drivers' association is willing to pay for all the damages incurred, but personally I don't care about that. I only want irresponsible drivers to be taken off the road. Do we have to wait for someone to get killed before we change our ways?!?


Gio Paredes said...

Thank GOD you and your family are not seriously injured. That bastard drunkard. That is one of the reasons that I don't drink anymore alcohol.

Reno said...

Thanks for the concern, Gio. :)

Simple lang naman kasi, di ba? Iinom ka. wag kang magmaneho. Pumasada pa. Pati pasahero nakataya ang buhay. Tapos, gabi, e di buksan mo headlights mo. Nagtitipid ka sa baterya? O kita mong nangyari sa katitipid mo ng baterya. Kulong ang inabot mo.

Ed said...

Thank goodness you're all OK and your little girl.

I really hate drunken drivers and those sleeping drivers. That's why I don't wanna have a car...coz I can't drive. Hahah!