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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

At long last... SIGLO: PASSION

This has been almost(?) two years in the making. I co-drew a story with Lan Medina, written by Nikki Alfar.

I was at Comic Quest last night and was chatting with Vin Simbulan. SIGLO popped up in our conversation, and he was happy to tell me that it was gonna be released later this year.

I was really excited and decided to put up the news on this blog, when lo and behold, Gerry Alanguilan decided the exact same thing and posted news about SIGLO on his blog, too. Talk about coincidences. He knows more about the details than I do, so visit to his blog for more info.

And I have to confess, I cribbed the image above from his blog, too. Hope you don't mind, Gerry.

I also have some preview pages of my work for Siglo, and you can find it here.


Ed said...

Too bad, Reno, I didn't colour your work dito sa book. Tambak kasi projects ko that time. I was doing Lastikman, Siglo: Passion and other Marvel books...then I flew to England and worked there. *ssshhhh!*


Reno said...

Sayang. Sa susunod, ha? =)

Ed said...

Yes! Sa susunod! :D