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Friday, October 21, 2005


Here are two pieces of fan art sent to me by Wylz Gutierrez and Gio Paredes. Thanks guys!

Maskarado & Orimar by Wylz Gutierrez

Maskarado & Kalayaan by Gio Paredes

Kalayaan is Gio's original creation. Gio may very well be Maskarado's biggest fan, and I'm really flattered that he likes the character so much. He sent me a story before teaming up these two heroes, and I'm currently in the process of drawing it. It may come out in a future edition of Tabloid Komiks, or as a back-up feature in the Maskarado comic. We'll see.

Here's my rendition of Kalayaan & Maskarado:

Ner Pedrina is also doing a Maskarado team-up with his character Sandata. I've mentioned this before in this blog, but you can also check out the art here and here.


Wylz said...

Wow Sir Renoman! Thanks for posting my fanart...Marami pa po akong maskarado fanarts dito...Magsesend pa po ako kung gusto nyo...Pati na rin po ung mga komiks fanarts ko like Lastikman and Zuma..Pwede?! Ang sarap talaga maging comic artist!!!

reno said...

I-send mo lang, Wylz! Gusto ko rin makita ang progression ng gawa mo