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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

TABLOID KOMIKS is somewhat of a labor of love for me, since it stems from my love of the comics medium, and I love the fact that I get to feature various creators. Some established ones, others not too well-known, and others who just want to get their creations out there.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that I cannot continue publishing TABLOID in its current format. That is, it being given for FREE.

As much as I want to continue doing it that way, economics dictate that I have to at least charge what TABLOID costs me. It has been a heavy drain on my wallet, and the harsh reality of having to support a family weighs heavily on me.

It's up to the readers of TABLOID KOMIKS if they want to see it continue. I've calculated the cost of printing TABLOID, and it amounts to about 12Php a copy. So I'm running a poll here. Would you be willing to pay 12Php for a 12-page pamphlet (including covers) that features short black & white stories created by Pinoys? Just leave a comment to this post.

If enough people want TABLOID to continue, then the next issue, #5, will have a cover price of 12 pesos. I do NOT get any sort of profit from this 12 peso price tag. Truth to tell, if all copies don't sell... lugi pa ako. If there's not much response, then I have no choice but to cease publication.

Thanks to everyone who've supported this project. I really would like this to continue.

And to the various contributors who have submitted their stories, thanks, too. With enough support, we'll see your stories published.

Good day to everyone!


Heffer Wolfe said...

i'll still buy the stuff. no problem with me.

Dodo said...

Yup. 12 pesos is not even two jeepney rides. It's still like being free.

I'd buy it.

And I'm jobless to boot. :-)

Dodo said...

Ngapala, nakuha ko yung email ni Bong.

Pinapakulo ko pa pero go ako. :-)

reno said...

I'm getting more and more positive responses everyday, which is a good sign.

Dodo, thanks. It's a story I've had around for a while now, just don't know how to start or finish it. I haven't been in a writing mood lately.

And don't worry about it being in Tagalog. Jsut write it the way you want and I'll take care of the kinks. =)

Josel Nicolas said...

I'd buy it! It's freakin' twelve pesos, It's such a geat product that advertises the comics medium so well. We need anthologies like these. HEll I say sell it for twenty. :)

Elbert said...

Yes, of course!

(In fact, come to think of it, I just remembered I still have my contribution to you in an envelope posted on my corkboard - hay naku, and to think ang purpose pa naman ng corkboard ko is so I won't forget it! Anyway, will leave it at Comic Quest for you soon as I can...remember it, that is, haha)

reno said...

Thanks, Josel and Elbert. I hope I can manage to print your contributions soon.

Dennis said...

No problem with me about a 12-peso per issue of Tabloid. I will buy it as for as long as you can issue it.
Have you tried fishing around for advertisements so you can lower still your expenses?

reno said...

It's hard to get advertisers, since TABLOID doesn't come out on a regular basis. And I can't guarantee advertisers when an issue will come out.

Ner P said...

as i have said in the other boards, i'd buy it for 12 pesos. btw san ka napapaprint? ang ganda kasi ng quality!

reno said...

Ner, Doon ako sa 2ND EDITION nagpa-pa copy. Pag within the Makati business area at pag marami ang pinagawa, sila na din bahala sa pick-up and delivery. ang address:

2nd Edition Copy Center
RCBC Plaza, Yuchengco Tower, Podium 4
Ayala Avenue cor. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Tel. # 728-26-45