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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Still another bit forwarded by Budjette...

Agimat is a department/property of Anino Design, my company. The site is free to the web viewer but one of our long term plan is to also help the indie artists get payed in their works (Sounds cool, huh). Anino Design will handle all the marketing stuff and strategies to make this happen. Artists can freely create their works pn their own style, even in series or just "one shots". Form of art is unlimited, that's why I call it ... Anino Project: Indie Multi-Media.

To protect the copyright of the Artists and the legality of Anino Design to post, I've made a Content Distribution Agreement for all the contributors. You can download it at www.agimat.net/agreement.doc. If you're interested and agreed with the terms, just fill up the blank spaces in the document and mail it back to me. If you've got questions or curious about anything, just email me or contact me thru my mobile #0920-9120341.

-- Bon Labora

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