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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This blog was pointed out by Budjette Tan in the Filipino ComicBook Creators mailing list. An informative read about Pinoy Komiks (or Komix, as the author/s would like to call it). Click on the link...

Pinoy Komix Biz

It's a bit opinionated, but that's okay, since everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I do agree on some of the author's points, and disagree with some. but then again, that's my point of view too. We can't all agree on everything.

It seems the author is Lawrence Mijares, of Siklab Magazine, though I can't be sure. Frequent visitors of Gerry Alanguilan's Message Board may recall some of the heated discussions there involving Mr. Mijares, but i think it's just that he's just really passionate about the local komiks (okay, komix) scene that I'm okay with what happened. And I guess that's why forums and message boards are here, so that people can exchange ideas and opinions.


Heffer Wolfe said...

what's with "komix" instead of "komiks"?

reno said...

Yun ang gustong itawag nung author ng pinoy komix biz, signifying change or somesuch. Personally, I'd prefer leaving it at "komiks." If it ain't broke, don't FIKS it. he he.