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Monday, August 22, 2005

My one day vacation leave last Thursday turned out to be two days of sick leave, since I caught a flu bug somehow last Wednesday (damn this ultra-cold office aircon!). And that was after three days of overtime work. I was supposed to go on leave for kuki's cousin's wedding, which of course I missed. Didn't get ot use my newly-pressed barong, and I was alone the whole Thursday until around 11pm because the wedding reception lasted kinda late. Jade was off visiting her cousins since we didn't want her to catch whatever it was I had.

Didn't even recover well enough until just yesterday, Sunday, and now I've gone ANOTHER week without any exercise whatsoever. My muscles feel like Jell-O. I even had to go out Saturday morning even though I was still feeling a bit sluggish because it was my last physical therapy appointment for this thingie that's bothering my right leg, and I just wanted the therapy to be over with.

After going to the doctor (in Clinica Manila), I went to Comic Quest just to pick up my batch of comic books for the week, and was surprised to see there are still copies of TABLOID KOMIKS on the counter. They usually disappear after 3-4 days of delivery. It seems some folks are hesitant to get a copy because they don't believe that it's FREE.

So here it is, my official announcement... TABLOID KOMIKS IS FREE!!!!! NO NEED TO PAY FOR IT, NO OTHER PURCHASE NECESSARY. LIBRE!!!!!!!

Am I going anywhere with this story?



Heffer Wolfe said...

I suggest na maglagay ka ng malaking sign (in big, bold, red letters): Get them while they're FREE, bukas di na.

And you know how "today" always comes instead of "tomorrow". :D

reno said...

Yun nag sabi ko doon. Magdadala ako ng paperweight para ipatong sa TABLOId na nakasulat "Take one. FREE!"