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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, I occasionally publish a free mini-comic entitled TABLOID KOMIKS, the aim of which is to hopefully kindle or rekindle in some people the desire to read komiks. That is why TABLOID is entirely FREE, so that anyone can have access to it.

I now call on anyone (professionals or newbies alike) interested in seeing their work printed in TABLOID. Here are the guidelines:

1. Writers and/or artists can send in short stories ranging from 1-8 pages in length. It can be completely drawn or in the case of writers, scripts will suffice.
2. Any type of story is acceptable. You can send in horror, action, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, comedy, real-life stories... ANYTHING.
3. No serials or ongoing series. Only short stories will be accepted.
4. Writers can also send in 1-page prose pieces.
5. Artists can send in samples of sequential art, and if a script is suited to your style, I'll send it to you to draw. No pin-ups please.
6. Black and white lineart only, no washes or shading.
7. Anime/manga style art is discouraged but may still be accepted. The reason for this is that there's an oversaturation of this style out in the market now, especially the local stuff. I'd like to avoid the glut.
8. Please limit profanity, harsh language and material which may be deemed unsuitable for younger audiences. This may be purely subjective, I know, but I'd also like future editions of TABLOID to be accessible to a broader audience.
9. There is NO MONETARY COMPENSATION if your work is printed. I pblish TABLOID from my own pocket, and I do not have the resources to pay talent. The printing cost is heavy enough as it is. This is just a chance to get your stuff published and read by people, and also a chance to support what I think is a worthy cause to drum up interest in the local komiks industry.
10. The creators keep the copyrights to their works, in no way will I keep your work hostage. You can pull out your work anytime from me if you find another publisher willing to publish it.
11. I will inform you if your work is going to be published or not. This could be via e-mail, phone call or text. So please include your contact information with your submssion.
12. Submissions can be in CD format, or e-mailed to me (JPEG file only, 300dpi). Clear photocopies are also acceptable. You can also upload them on the internet and tell me where i can download them. Artwork size should be no bigger than a letter-sized bond paper.

I guess that's it. If there are any bases that I haven't covered, please let me know. You can contact me via e-mail at renom1@yahoo.com and capsulezone@hotmail.com.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope that there is enough support for this project to keep it alive.

P.S. If anyone would like to contribute financially or would like to place an ad in TABLOID to help in the printing costs, I will whoelheartedly accept your donation. Thanks!


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reno said...

To everyone leaving a comment, please leave comments relevant to the blog entry. Maybe some people misunderstood the last line where I said I'd gladly accept ads. I'd accept ads to be printed in TABLOID for a minimum fee, not free posted ads on my blog. Thanks.

monsanto said...

spammers yata ang mga iyan!

reno said...

Oo nga. Kaya I turned on the word verification para protection against spammers.

Ner P said...

hehe, wala atang magawa yan.

btw, puedeng sa tabloid ba n lang natin ilabas yung team-up ni maskarado at sandata?.

reno said...

Puwede! Ilang pages ba sa tingin mo aabutin?