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Monday, August 29, 2005

Another fine example of how incompetent the people in government are here in the Philippines. They can't even decide right off the bat if they're gonna declare today, August 29, a non-working holiday. First came the announcement that it would be a regular working day. Fine. Everyone was fine with that. Then they announced that it was a non-working holiday, and workers all around the country were elated to have an extra day off. Then came the news that it was only schools and government offices that are on holiday today, and that the private sector workforce would need to go to work. What the hell??!? Which makes people even MORE depressed, becuase the extra day-ff they were expecting didn't come. They should have stuck to their original decision rather than rocking back and forth all the while keeping people's hopes up and then suddenly that hope suddenly DIES.


Pero kung mapalitan man ang presidente, sinong papalit? Mga gago't gunggong din?

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